Health Coaching Portal

Our Health Coaching portal enables physician-led teams to stay connected to their patients as they work on adhering to their wellness prescription. The portal enables 2 way communication between the patient and their team and standardizes the health coaching process. We use national guidelines and our decades of coaching experience to help providers:

  • Track patient adherence to their wellness prescription
  • Use health coaching best practices to motivate adherence
  • Send secure messages to patients over their mobile device
  • Create a sell-management record for ongoing reference

Coaching Resiliency-KEY to Preventing Hospitalizations

Resiliency Is defined as the ability to handle and manage life stressors. This is often compromised after an acute hospitalization or after a prolonged chronic illness. In order to build resiliency, patients need support for self-managing conditions and for living a healthy lifestyle.

Our Health Coaching portal helps build resiliency by keeping patients connected to their personalized wellness prescription in between acute episodes of care and in between primary care visits. This enables the self-management strengthening process to be ongoing and sustained.

The "Head Coach" Building Resiliency

The provider “head coach” and their wellness support team are in the best position to help patients build resiliency over time. The patient receives:

  • Motivation for following their prescription by knowing that the “head coach” and team are watching, tracking and supporting
  • Motivation for following their prescription by receiving the targeted rewards for adherence and for achieving specific health outcomes

If you are Interested In provider-led wellness coaching and rewards:

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